GoNetZero™ celebrates launch in Brazil by retiring RECs for I-REC Brazil day attendees

Singapore, March 31, 2023

GoNetZero™, in collaboration with CGN Brasil Energia and Órigo Energia, has successfully retired I-RECs on behalf of the I-REC Brazil Day attendees. The retired I-RECs represent the average electricity consumption of a household in Brazil in 2021 and 2022.

Leveraging our digital platform, we efficiently implemented I-RECs retirement at scale. To ensure transparency, all conference attendees received a certificate of I-REC retirement with the verification code for Evident’s website, which verifies that their RECs have indeed been retired in their name.

Delighted attendees displayed their I-RECs certificate proudly on social media to showcase their commitment to a green energy future.


Figure 1 : An I-RECs certificate retired in the name of Camila Rossini Pantera from GoNetZero™’s Origination and Trading team

Collaboration with Instituto Totum to Scale the Renewable Energy Certificate Market in Brazil

GoNetZero™ has successfully launched our blockchain-powered digital platform for trading Brazil International Renewable Energy Certificates (I-REC) at the first-ever I-REC Day Brazil in São Paulo. The launch was made possible by collaborating with Instituto Totum, the authorised local issuer of I-REC in Brazil, to integrate the digital platforms of Instituto Totum and GoNetZero™.

This allows us to support Brazil's fast-growing renewable energy certificates (RECs) market, which doubled in volume from the year before to 22 million. Brazil's renewable energy generators can now list their I-REC for sale on GoNetZero™’s platform upon issuance by Instituto Totum, allowing them to reach our global network of buyers.

Read our press release to find out more.

Features of Platform Integration

GoNetZero™ and Instituto Totum's platforms are now integrated, allowing generators and buyers to manage their I-RECs on a single platform.

Some of the unique features include:


Figure 2

Contact us to request for a demo at mailto:contact@gonetzero.ai.

Other Activities in Brazil


Figure 3 : The GoNetZero™ team with Biofílica at their Sao Paulo office

The GoNetZero™ team visited the Sao Paulo office of Biofílica, a company specialising in environmental solutions, to explore potential collaborations in carbon projects. During their meeting, the two teams exchanged valuable insights and discussed the latest developments in the Brazilian and Singaporean markets regarding carbon credits.


Figure 4 : Panel discussion at the Brazil I-REC conference

Camila Rossini Pantera from our Origination and Trading team recently served as a panelist at the Brazil I-REC conference to discuss the future of energy attribute certificates. During the panel, she highlighted GoNetZero™'s recent achievement of piloting Asia’s first 24/7 clean hourly matching solution following EnergyTag’s certification. Done in collaboration with UBS in Singapore, this solution enables UBS to understand the level of matching between renewable energy generated and energy consumed.

Find out more about GoNetZero’s 24/7 matching solution here.

Highlights from our Marketplace

Take a peek at our recently onboarded Brazilian I-REC projects and carbon credits projects:


Figure 5

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